It’s Summer Time Don’t Let Your A/C Unit Freeze

So we likely won't see this type of weather in Tallahassee...
Preparing your AC Unit for Cooler Weather
October 21, 2016
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It’s Summer Time; Don’t Let Your A/C Unit Freeze!”

Summer is here and we all know what to expect in the South, the heat! Residents in Tallahassee, FL have been experiencing temperatures with a high 99° Lo 74° let’s just say it has been a sunny summer. With these types of temperatures surrounding the area, it is pretty important and possibly a “cool thought” to ensure your A/C is working efficiently. Before we begin brainstorming on why this occurs, let’s touch on how to prevent the issue. A/C units commonly get to this state because of frozen pipes and tubes within your unit.

How to prevent a frozen A/C Unit

It should be a priority to properly care and maintain your A/C unit! Failing to schedule regular maintenance can lead to hundreds of dollars if you wait until it’s too late. To avoid these problems:

Make sure to keep your business or home supply vents open

Increase fan speed

Change filter monthly

Ensure your refrigerant level is inspected

Be aware of outdoor temperature

Common Reasons an A/C Unit Freezes

1Insufficient flow of air within your home or business
It’s usually recommended to close vents in a particular room if the area isn’t occupied, this usually saves money, energy and increases the air flow in other rooms. But there is a hazard to this that is not commonly explained. If you close too many vents, this may end up causing you more money if your a/c unit freezes. The rule of thumb for this strategy is to ensure no more than a quarter of your vents are closed to prevent freezing.
2Fan Speed
If you place your hand over a supply register and realize there is minimal airflow it might be a bit too late as your unit may have already froze. In common cases, the fan must constantly supply the proper amount of air over the evaporator coil. If this isn’t occurring contact a technician right away to increase your fan speed.
3Air Filter
This is the easiest task but it could be the most painful, it is common courtesy to change your air filter every three months. If this is done you can avoid a dirty air filter, low airflow, and added stress on your compressor. As previously mentioned, low air flow causes insufficient air to the evaporator coil which helps the unit to cool. All of the reasons above will be avoided if you change your filter on time
4Refrigerant levels
If your A/C is possibly running low on refrigerant or if it isn’t charged sufficiently this can result in a frozen unit. Leaks are a common reason for this issue as well and they are usually found where fittings/shoulder joints are loose or when moving parts rub and vibrate over time. It is your best interest to contact a technician immediately so they could inspect the unit thoroughly for leaks, repair damaged or old parts and refill coolant.
5Outdoor Temperature
It’s the summer season right now but as the season begins to change always be aware of the outdoor temperature and the level of your air conditioner as this can easily freeze your unit. Most units are not designed to work properly when outdoor temperatures dip below 60°, so please be aware of this and don’t use your air conditioner if outdoor temperatures are that low.

It Froze, what should I do ?

Turn off the A/C unit immediately to avoid damaging the compressor this will force the ice to start melting

Locate the condensate drain and make sure it isn’t blocked

Open the duct work to suction out some of the water

Turn on the A/C fan which helps to melt the ice much quicker

Once you realize the ice has melted and the drain pan is empty, turn the A/C back on and your home should begin cooling immediately

Nonetheless, we understand that things happen and that’s why the qualified team of experts at Donny’s Heating & Air Conditioning is here to assist you in every way possible. Whether it is maintenance, repair, installment or general advice we are here to help you in every step of the process. Contact the team today, with over 30 years of service in our community, we are sure to get the job done right the first time.

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