Preparing your AC Unit for Cooler Weather

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May 10, 2016
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So we likely won't see this type of weather in Tallahassee...

So we likely won't see this type of weather in Tallahassee...

Preparing your AC Unit for Cooler Weather

Fall is here and that means debris is falling! Not only does this make for a fun time with the rake but it can also create even more fun with your AC unit.

Basic maintenance on your system is always a good idea especially as the seasons change. We know Tallahassee really only has two temperatures; ridiculously hot and hot but taking these precautions can extend your units live span by ensuring it runs at its peak performance.

Recommended Fall checklist as we prepare for the slightly cooler season

Tips and tricks you can do on your own with a little help from youtube.

Ensure that all debris is off of your unit and not obstructing your coil. This includes grass, leaves, pine needles, etc. Also, cut back bushes, move trash cans, and anything else to remove the potential of issues with your AC unit.

Inspect a visual check on the service valve caps, refrigerant line insulation, and the overall appearance of the unit. If something doesn’t look right, it’s time to do some research.

Check that any exhaust vents are clear of debris and or mulch.

Use a hose to wash out the coil on your unit.

Last, and maybe the best step, is to buy a cover for your unit. As debris continues to fall from the trees this could be a very wise investment.

For the inside of your house the following checklist will help your unit to efficiently run:

1Air Filter
Change it seasonally if not sooner. If it's black, it's probably time to change it out.
Reprogram your thermostat for the dip in temperature at night. Most of you should be able to run the whole day without using the AC.
3Doors and windows
Inspect your doors and window for any noticeable air gaps that will allow you warm air to leave your home resulting in energy loss.
4Ceiling Fans
Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. This will move the warmer air down from the ceiling and 2nd or 3rd story into the living areas. When looking at a fan, it should turn clockwise in cooler weather.

We recommend that the following only be done by licensed professionals and with an annual frequency

Have the fuel pressure checked.

Clean the fuel nozzle.

Inspect the motor on the blower.

Clean the burner assembly.

Inspect the flue draft inducer motor as well as the exhaust flue.

Inspect all other sensors and all other controls.

We hope this checklist gives you the knowledge you need to ensure you continue to extend the life of your unit.

Nonetheless, we understand that things happen and that’s why the qualified team of experts at Donny’s Heating & Air Conditioning is here to assist you in every way possible. Whether it is maintenance, repair, installment or general advice we are here to help you in every step of the process. Contact the team today, with over 30 years of service in our community, we are sure to get the job done right the first time.

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