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AC Repair & Heating Repair in Tallahassee

With over 30 years in the industry, Donny’s has the experience that you deserve. As a long time Tallahassee resident, Donny and his team understand the importance of relationships and doing things right the first time. Heating and air charges total roughly 60% of your utility bill so it’s important to turn to a licensed HVAC expert.

Residential HVAC

Donny’s focuses on residential AC unit replacement and air conditioning maintenance. In many cases, home owners seek band-aids that will only temporarily delay the inevitable of a new ac unit purchase. Having an expert to walk you through the options and what makes the most sense for your AC unit will give you the facts to make the best decision.

Light Commercial HVAC

Donny’s areas of expertise in light commercial air conditioning are ac repair, ac maintenance, and ac unit replacement. Allowing issues with your businesses HVAC unit to go unaddressed can be far more expensive! Over time un-maintained systems have to work harder to keep your customers cool. With proper maintenance, you will lower your energy costs while maintaining comfortable environment for employees and customers.

Unfortunately, AC units, like vehicles, can only run for so many miles. With this in mind, Donny’s can design and or replace any commercial AC unit.

The overall goal, whether for your home’s AC unit or your light commercial AC unit, is efficiency and longevity. We take pride in providing excellent service to all, so trust Donny’s HVAC experts to give you the advice and service that you deserve!